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AOFM Graduates @ The Kooples – Bread & Butter Berlin

Our ninth and final show for Bread & Butter Berlin in partnership with Maybelline saw us join The Kooples. A high end French brand that is instantly recognisable on and high street worldwide creating ready-to-wear fashion with a luxurious finish.

The graduates were backstage and although sad to be ending what has been an amazing weekend in Berlin, excited to be part of such a huge show, showcasing both women’s fashion as well as men’s, the grads set about making all of the models looking fresh and youthful ready for the show.

Once all of the makeup was done it was time for the grads to pack up and finish for the weekend ready to spend their last night in Berlin exploring & reflecting on their very busy, successful weekend.

A Huge thank you to the Maybelline team, we had a great time!

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