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AOFM Graduates @ Lysandre Paris Fashion Week

What a gorgeous day all around here at Day 2 of Paris Fashion Week!

Our grads arrived at their mid-morning call time at the beautiful Les Salons Hoche, a designer hotel in the city’s centre to get backstage at the Lysandre SS19 runway show. French designer Lysandre has a name synonymous with luxury; her floral gowns with delicate embellishment being seen on celebs around the world. Today’s show was true to form, showcasing beautiful dresses in all different tones and textures.

The makeup for the day was simple but really effective – against a backdrop of beautiful skin with a glossy lip, the graduates used custom-made individual eyelashes, with an almost 60’s reference, the lash inserts were applied to both top and bottom lashes. With the doll-like look being very intricate to complete, it was handy for the grads that the backstage atmosphere was so relaxed and calm before the show.

Before they knew it, the models were off to be dressed and the show began, after the show was done the press came backstage for a series of photo shoots and interviews, including one with the key artist to discuss what inspired her to create the look of the day.

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