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Graduates @ Malibu 1992 Milan

Finishing our time at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, we joined Malibu 1992 this afternoon for their first ever Collection & show! Our graduates had just arrived from the other side of Milan where they had been working on a previous show, there was no time for rest! The graduates had already become accustom to the space that they had to work with as we did a different show there a couple of days ago so it was with ease that they unpacked their kits and set to work in creating the interesting look to pair up with the original style of the collection.

The look for the show was reminiscent of ravers days gone by, once the skin had been prepped using Dermalogica & the skin had been lightly colour corrected, a wax based colour of lavender was applied lightly around the eyes in combination with a hint of fuchsia cream colour. The look was translated to the handful of female models by adding mascara.

Malibu 1992’s first collection has been highly anticipated for a long time, starting initially as a very popular jewellery line in 2014, the brand has since sold apparel through its retail channels but today marked the launch of its brand being solidified as a high end fashion label. We were so pleased to be a part of the day & also very proud of our graduates who did a great job!

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