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Graduates @ Matthew Miller London Men’s

It was a mid morning call time today for the graduates heading to 180 The Strand, the British Fashion Council’s official venue for the Matthew Miller runway show at London Men’s Fashion Week. AOFM has been working with Matthew Miller at fashion week for a long time, it is always an absolute pleasure to take our graduates along to work on the shows and today was no disappointment. Filled with excitement we got backstage and set about creating the tribal inspired look for the show.

Once a flawless base was finished, it was time to start on the bold red stripes and granite lines vertically down the models faces. The concept for the show had tribal symbolism throughout with the models seen to be carrying large flags down the runway, the makeup was the perfect chance to tie the whole look together. The graduates had to make the models stand up to do this accurately as when they were sat down it was very easy to get the lines off center or bend with the contours of the models face. It was challenging but the graduates did a great job and as the final line up was in place it left them with just enough time to apply a last bit of setting powder and send them out to face the huge crowd!

The show was huge success and with the amount of fashion press there we have no doubt that the work will be featured in the fashion publications that follow LMFW!

Well done graduates!!!



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