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AOFM Graduates @ Matthew Miller London Mens

As with every mens season in London, our graduates were invited backstage for another show with Matthew Miller. With a mid-morning call time, the graduates got to the venue fresh and ready to start the day of shows, needless to say being that its January in London, it was freezing outside so the grads were more than happy to get into todays first location: the beautiful Katchette, situated in the heart of London’s trendy Shoreditch, the venue is the original ticketing hall of a now-closed train station. The perfect backdrop for Matthew Miller and his team to showcase the new collection.

Miller’s collections always tend to have a political point of view which are expressed through bold prints of text and imagery on the clothing, accessories and props used within the show itself, this collection was no different, miller using keywords of ‘FEAR’ and ‘REBEL’.

As with most men’s shows, the look for the day was the basics of male grooming, so once the graduates had done full skincare on the models, concealer was applied where needed to make sure the models were looking their best.

Once finished, the grads had no time to wait around, it was on to the next show!

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