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Graduates @ Matthew Miller London Men’s

A gorgeous midday show in a idyllic church in East London by St Paul’s called St Selpochre, found our AOFM Graduates in awe of the beauty of this setting, Matthew Miller truly outdid themselves at LFMW SS18.

Our graduates squeezed in to one of the aisles of this church and setting up the day for a fantastic look for the show.

The look was bold and almost gothy, the collection had an era of sports, health goth realness. truly amazing sheer fabrics all in black, with an edgy streetwear designs. The make up was stunning, the AOFM Graduates we are asked ensure all the models had fresh clean looking faces, but not too pale or washed out the designer wanted to retain the romanticism of the setting but no blush or mascara. They added luminosity to the skin just do enrich the models faces and have a more natural highlight. Then our graduates concealed the models eyebrows and then a special twist, the boys had black smudged lips with hints of gloss and the girls similar but with a dark red.

The collection needed the make up to resemble the models looking like they were making out backstage, how scandalous but how fun, just what LFMW is all about.

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