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Graduates @ MINKI London

Entering into the playful mind of MINKI, the AW17 collection took us on a coming of age journey with the childlike but feminine pieces.

Minki has the balance just right expressing power, but with her fun sense of humor, as instantly we entered to see model’s goofy behavior on the big screen,the collection featured classic Brittany striped jerseys in blues and reds and odd bursts of color in fringe detailing.

Taking inspiration from fishing and the life in the city, the versatile collection mixed bold stripe shirts and oversized sweatshirts with fly fish prints and silk fabrics. The presentation show cased the perfect juxtaposition showing the opposition of busy city life coupled with the beauty of nature. The models stood in their simple, they were stripped back, sporting bleached brows ad tousled wet hair enforcing the initial image of innocence we felt.

The AOFM Graduate team had their worked cut out for them because of the bleached out brows look was intricate and took a while to truly implement the look perfectly, but the graduate team did an amazing job, with the pressure of time and space included. The finished look was a sight to see with the presentation background being with different knitted, quilted and pillowed sculpture installation.

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