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AOFM Graduates @ NOLCHA New York Fashion Week

It wouldn’t be fashion week in New York without our graduate team joining our friends over at Nolcha, this time around it was for the showcase of designers for the AW18/19 season. Nolcha work year round towards their fashion week events, a full day of shows that showcase up and coming designers, not only from New York, but all over the world! With this in mind, our grad team often have to change the makeup 3 or 4 times throughout the day on all of the models.

The grads arrived bright and early, with a 7 am call time it was much appreciated that the coffee was on tap at the venue. The key artist briefed the team on the first couple of looks so they weren’t overwhelmed by the number of changes that they’dd have to be prepared to do throughout the day.

During the course of the day, the key artist did regular updates on the way the makeup was going to be changing for the next set of designers.

The event ran through into the night and by the time the last model sashayed down the runway, the grads were more than ready for bed!

Another successful season with Nolcha!


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