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AOFM Graduates @ Nolcha- New York Fashion Week

Hello from day two of New York Fashion Week, today we were back with our old friends at Nolcha, a pinnacle of New York Fashion Week, Nolcha is a full day of shows, presentations and exhibitions featuring designers from all over the world. Our grads arrived to the famous Chelsea Piers for their early call time and got set up quickly ready for a busy, busy day!

Nolcha is a fun one for our graduates to take part in as not only does it involve lots of different looks for lots oif different designers, but the backstage area has a really good spirit, lots of food and socialising amongst the different teams, models and sponsors.

With shows sporadically throughout the day, its the biggest graduate team of the season as they get divided throughout to focus on different shows and presentations.

Working all through the day, it came to a close just after 8pm, when the grads hopped on the subway and headed home to rest up ready for another full day of shows tomorrow.

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