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AOFM Graduates @ Oxford Fashion Studio New York Fashion Week

The AOFM graduate pro team tuned up to the studio 450 NYC bright an early for a full day of shows at the New York leg of the fashion week marathon, starting with Oxford fashion studio.

We work with Oxford Fashion Studio every season, they hold events in all of the fashion capitals, showcasing designers from all over the world whilst surrounded by a beautiful venue.

The main look for Oxford fashion studios simple yet beautiful. After the briefing from the key artist, they started by prepping the skin before moving onto the eye, a sheer bronze was added all over the lid and smoked out a little, Black mascara was applied to top and bottom lashes to make the eye pop. Lastly, the team made sure that each of the model’s skin looked perfect and glowy

A stunning day of shows and makeup executed by the AOFM graduate team and 1st show of three with oxford fashion studio!

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