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AOFM Graduates @ Oxford Fashion Studio Paris Fashion Week

The last show of the last city of our Fashion Week marathon happened today, and we went out with a bang!

Our relationship with Oxford Fashion Studio continues to go from strength to strength as we thrive season to season. The Global Fashion Collective uses their huge platform to give emerging artists from around the world the opportunity to show their creations to the fashions press and brand’s buyers for some of the most recognisable retailers around.

Today’s location for OFS was the Intercontinental. Located on one of Paris’ most visited avenues, the grads were buzzing with energy as they arrived this morning to face the long day of shows. Four full shows took place throughout the day, showcasing over 30 different designers of all different backgrounds – a melting pot of talent. There would be swimwear, eyewear, jewellery and of course, clothing all on show today here in the grand hall.

The grads were briefed throughout the day on the alterations that would be needed for each designer change ready for the next show. Being that there were so many designers showcasing today, the changes had to be subtle but effective; sometimes it was just a lip change, others it would be the addition of a liner or a lash. Needless to say, the grads were busy from start to finish. As the day ended the graduates were left with just enough time to head out, jump in a cab and catch the last Eurostar back to London. And with that done, Fashion Week is over!

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