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AOFM Graduates @ Oxford Fashion Studio Paris Fashion Week

Finishing up our fashion week marathon in style, our grads are back in the city of love: Paris!

Working once again with the globetrotting, fashion loving, Oxford Fashion Studio. This is the third city this season that our grads have joined the OFS team in. Firstly in New York, then onto London and finishing up in the picturesque Paris! Oxford Fashion Studio have whole days of shows, featuring 3 full runway shows and a couple of presentations to break it up.

The grads were lucky enough to have a call time of midday, allowing them to arrive in the morning and settle in before heading over to the venue. Upon arrival, they were greeted by their key artist for the event for the briefing of the looks that would be showcased. After the briefings, the grads set up their stations and made sure they were ready for the models to arrive. As there were a number of shows, the grads excecuted a different look for each as day turned into evening.

Once finished, they said their goodbye’s to their friends at OFS and headed out into the city for some Parisian cuisine and of course, wine!

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