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AOFM Graduates @ Oxford Fashion Studio: Paris Fashion Week

Today is the last day of shows in the last city of our famous fashion week marathon, this fashion week season has seen us backstagewith almost 50 designers in Berlin, New York, London, Milan & finally Paris. Throughout this season we have been with the Oxford Fashion Studio team in four of our five cities.

Oxford Fashion Studio is a showcase of global talent, inviting the whos who of the fashion industry and givinging reletively new designers the opportunity to showcase their creations to press that they wouldnt normally get exposure to. They have produced huge shows in beautiful venues around the world and are finishing their tour alongside ours here in Paris at the regal venue of Hotel D’Evreux.

As with all of our days with OFS, today was going to be a LONG day for the graduates, arriving in the morning and working through until late in the night, creating and maintaining the beautiful makeup for over 20 designers in one day. Starting the day off it was explained to the grads that the makeup had to be very versatile, all about beautiful skin. Then progressively altering it throughout the day, making it more dramatic to fit in with the edgey designers showing at the latter half of the event.

The grads barely had a moment for rest all day, 40 models on roatation throughout! The shows were happening back to back throughout.

Once the day had wrapped up the grads went their seaparte ways, some rushing off to get the last eurostar back to London, some to their hotels to get ready for a night of celebrations.


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