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AOFM Graduates @ PANI-KA

During London Fashion Week all different types of designers travel from around the world to showcase their creations, this extends past clothing and can also mean shoes, accessories or in today’s case: jewellery. PANI-KA is a polish born designer that specialises in architectural jewellery that break the boundaries of the norm. Today’s final show saw one of our graduates join the key artist at the basement of the London Fashion Week pop-up store in the heart of Covent Garden to assist in creating the minimal modernist look for the evenings presentation.

As it was just the one graduate required on this presentation, it was a very intimate, relaxed atmosphere as she and the key artist got the three models ready, the look for the day being beautiful skin teamed with a bold black bar placed in different ways to suit each model. Once the brief had been given, our graduate was given creative control over the placement of the black bar on her models.

The 6pm show time came around before we knew it and the models were put in position ready to let the crowd of press, beauty bloggers and fashion lovers in, it was show time! The designer had collaborated with a London based shoe designer on the show so there were double the crowd than usual to let in and due to it being the last show of the weekend for the venue, the champagne flowed and the crowd mingled.

That’s it for Day 3 of London fashion week, one more day of shows left and then its off to Milan!

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