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AOFM Graduates @ Represent Milan Men’s Fashion Week

The AOFM graduate team were backstage in Milan this morning for the represent show.

The brief for the makeup was 90s grunge, with tired eyes and dewy slightly Sweaty skin to give you a feel of a night out of partying.

To create the look:

The skin was prepped using Dermologica’s ultra claiming cleanser, then toned with ultra calming mist, skin smoothing creme was massaged into the skin and finally, some tinted lip balm was added to moisturise the lips.

A light coverage foundation was buffed into the skin where needed and a little Egyptian magic cream was patted on to the cheekbones and forehead for that sweaty feel.

Some red and purple shadow was then blended under the eyes to give the models more of a tired feeling, paired with the messy grunge hair it really complemented the 90s feel and worked with the collection Magically.

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