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AOFM Graduates @ Ricostru Milan Fashion Week

Hello from day one here at Milan Fashion Week!

Today we were so lucky to kick things off on our third leg of our fashion week marathon with such a relaxed show! Joining Chinese style collective Ricostru at the gorgeous Cavallerizze, a 5 star hotel in the heart of Milan’s fashion district.

The graduates had flown in from the UK and US early this morning, but with a 4pm call time and a 7pm show time, they had already had the chance to check into their hotels, freshen up, see the city and head over to the venue for the show, a gorgeous way to start what can sometimes be a crazy city for fashion.

As is often the case with the designers here in Milan, the look for the show today was unstated, glowy and simple to offer a juxtaposition to the designers intricate and beautiful gowns. Once the key artist had given a full demonstration on the look, the graduates executed each model with ease, accumulating in a beautiful and cohesive look throughout.

Once the show was done, the grads headed back out onto the streets of Milan to catch up with each other over of course, pizza!

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