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AOFM Graduates @ Sabinna: London Fashion Week

Good morning from day 2 of London Fashion Week! Today we are kicking off backstage with Sabinna, Russian born, the designer is London based and primarily works on innovations within knitwear but also extends her line to all womenswear.

It was an early start for our graduates as they gathered backstage at Swiss Church to create the makeup backstage for the presentation consisting of 3 consecutive runway shows all displaying ready to wear fashion. Once set up backstage the grads watched the makeup demo, taking notes and watching closely. There were 16 models on this presentation, with 6 graduates to assist the lead artist, timing was very, very important. The look for the day was beautiful skin teamed with a dark, sultry brown eye. Once skincare was complete the grads worked through the line-up, finishing with time to spare!

Before the show began a number of the graduates joined the lead artist at the side of the presentation space to do last minute touch ups, adding powder where needed & adding a little more lip.

The three runway shows were very close together and therefore the grads didn’t have much time at all in between shows to do touch ups, but they worked well as a team and the results were beautiful.

No time for a rest, it was off to another show!


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