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Graduates @ Sid Neigum London

Saturday at London fashion week, early morning start for our Aofm graduates on their second day at LFW, they were welcomed in by the lovely people at Alex Eagle in Soho for the amazing presentation of the talented Sid Neigum. His sculptural garments which takes shapes with the addition of strips,ties and knots is well known in the fashion industry for creating beautiful flowing silhouettes, his use of different colors and shapes can be seen in this particular AW17 presentation.

The Aofm graduates were prepped by the collection, the garments were glamourous yet relaxed but the fabrics that Sid Neigum used were wonderful and it was decided during the tester shoots to play off that, so our graduate started by moisturizing and keeping the skin beautifully nourished and fresh faced. Once that was accomplished the models were taken to do hair. A straightened loose low ponytail that looked very relaxed to let the clothes shine, but as a finale, the aofm graduates added very subtle gold shimmer on their eyes, this added a sense of glamour and sophistication that the garments truly portrayed by themselves.

so the make up truly enhanced the work of Sid Neigum, our graduates enjoyed their time here, the space basement of the store where it was held was perfect to showcase this upmarket street style, the way the clothes may be cut are relaxed but the way they fall on the beautiful models is amazing and the graduates truly let the girls shine by adding that gold radiance.

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