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AOFM Graduates @ St Henri London Fashion Men’s

For St Henri’s LFWM A/W2019 collection, founder and designers Jean Loup Leblanc Roy looks back on memories from his childhood, drawing on inspiration from his French-Canadian background with North American influences. Set within an amazing David Lynch style hotel room installation, the makeup brief for this collection was natural skin with a sightly tried eye.

The AOFMPro team started by prepping the skin and applying Dermalogica’s Super Smoothing Cream. Skin was foundation free, with only miumal pinpoint concealer, allowing the models natural skin to shine through.

Eyes: An array of grey, brown and brick colours eye shadows were blended around the eye-socket and lash lines to achieve the look of finishing a hard days’ work

To finish, brows were brushed up and set with a light brow gel.

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