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AOFM Graduates @ St Hillaire: London Fashion Week

Good morning from day 3 of London Fashion Week!

Today our graduates are starting another full day of shows with London based womenswear designer St Hillaire. The graduates had the luxury of a 10am call time today, with shows sometimes having call times as early as 6am, they were fully rested and ready to face the day. Backstage they were shown the look for the show by the lead artist who had already met with the designer in advance to plan how she wanted the models to look for the big day. The look had a somewhat 60’s feel to it, in combination with a Winehouse beehive hair-do the graduates would be doing a thick black winged liner teamed with a rose coloured lip. This gave a lovely contrast to the pastel shades in the designer’s collection and gave the graduates the chance to put their liner skills to the test.

As this was a presentation rather than a runway show, it was a very relaxed atmosphere backstage as the graduates got the 4 models ready for the fashion press to arrive. Once complete, the key artist gave the thumbs up for each model and off they went to get dressed.

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