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AOFM Graduates @ Steve O Smith- London Fashion Week

Steve O Smith is a London based designer but his collection this season was inspired by one of his many trips to Paris, where he found his interest in the way in which angels have been perceived throughout history by different cultures around the world. Splitting the collection into three, symbolising the three stages of ascension. The first was a series of monochromatic prints, followed by the introduction of texture and finishing with the addition of colour. All were shown in a technicolour garden presentation.

The graduate team arrived to the official London Fashion Week presentation space for their 10:30am call time and after being given the demo by the key makeup artist of the avant garde red blown out smokey eye, they set to work! With a grad team of 6 and 12 models to get through, there was no time to spare, working in collaboration with the hair team and dressers, the models were ready to hit the stage by 1:30 when the show went live. Throughout the 2 hour presentation time, the models were rotated and redressed, meaning that the grads had to be on hand for touch-ups throughout.

This was the start of a very busy day for our team, upon finishing there was no time to wait around before dashing out into the city for the next show!

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