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AOFM Graduates @ Steven Tai: London Fashion Week

Steven Tai and AOFM have a great history of collaborations, this being the most recent of many seasons that our graduates have joined he and his team backstage during London Fashion Week. Steven’s collections are always a little playful, seeing him show a juxtaposition between historical fashions and modern day tailoring, today Steven’s presentation backdrop was very summery, with sand castles, parasols & even two big foam pits that looked like water for the models to lay in.

Once the full team of graduates had arrived to the official British Fashion Council presentation space, they were briefed on the days look backstage, Steven Tai’s model selections are always very young and therefore the makeup is always very fresh and minimal, today was no exception to that, a glowing dewy skin with the waterline lined in white kohl pencil to open the eye up and make the models look super fresh.

Each of the graduate team had 1-2 models each, ensuring that not only was their makeup beautiful but also that their whole bodies looked immaculate, applying body moisturiser all over and concealer where needed. The models were taken away briefly for a rehearsal but were brought back just in time for the graduates to apply finishing touches before the presentation went live.

As with all of the shows and presentations taking place at the official BFC space, this was a very busy show, the grads had to make their way through the crowds and on to the next show!

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