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AOFM Graduates @ Tiziano Guardini Milan Fashion Week

Day 2 at Milan Fashion Week and I’m afraid to say that the weather outside took a turn for the worse today, the heavens opened and left our grads a little soggy as they arrived at 8:30am this morning at today’s location. Thankfully the colour was brought back into the day with the bold prints of Italian designer Tiziano Guardini! Born in Rome, Guardini has found fame in the fashion industry all around the world with his eco-friendly clothing line, attracting the tagline of “Designer of Nature”, all of the garments produced by Titziano are made with sustainable fabrics and in an ethical way, whilst still being groundbreaking in their aesthetic.

Today’s look was stunning, teamed with gorgeous skin, our grads were tasked with creating a deconstructed colourful eye on each model in colours that had been predetermined by the designer and the key makeup artist. Putting their creativity to the test, there were no set shapes for these eye looks, just one set style, the result being fabulous!

The graduate team had 20 models to get through in 3 hours, with the look requiring a certain concentration, this meant that they had to work quickly and efficiently, sometimes pairing up to achieve the finish. Luckily with most of the grads having done a lot of shows, teaming up comes naturally to them.

Once the show went live this morning, our social media accounts went wild, the look was featured on as a key look for the season! a massive achievement for the key artist and the AOFM graduate team!

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