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AOFM Graduates @ Tugcan Dokmen: London Fashion Week

Situated in Somerset House, a very picturesque historical English tourist attraction in the heart of Central London, it was surrounded by beauty that the AOFM graduates arrived to their second show of many here at London Fashion Week. Some of them having already done their first show and for some it was their first show of the season. This shows designer was Tugcan Dokmen, a Turkish born designer that does not design clothes based on trends, but calls upon her roots and various other inspirations to create her beautiful womenswear.


To balance the precise colour blocking within her collection, Dokmen worked with the lead artist to design an almost water colour looking makeup for the show, seeing the grads use all different colours to work in an avant garde style. Once the looks were created the models were dressed carefully (so the makeup didn’t get on the garments) and the show began!


This was our second of four shows today but with the next ones call time in an hour, the grads had time to see the show before heading off to our next location.

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