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Graduates @ Vaquera New York

This season we kicked of our Fashion Week marathon with New York brand Vaquera. It was by invite of key artist and AOFM teacher Ingeborg that we took 6 of our grads backstage to help create the look for the autumn/winter 2017/2018 runway show. It was held at the Ukrainian National Home in downtown Manhattan, a grand venue with an overwhelming presence. Once the graduates had navigated their way through the snow to the venue it was time to set up and get to work on the 26 models, although this is women’s season the brand is know for blurring the lines of gender so it was apt that they use both male and female models of all shapes, sizes, ages & ethnicities. To match the diversity of the models, the makeup was not specific, some models had a red lip, some a smokey eye, some nothing at all.

Once the models were dressed it was time for the show, to match the round room, the runway was a complete circle & it was in time to urban street music that the models were instructed to “stomp the catwalk like you have concrete in your boots”.

This was an unusual show for the graduates to take part in but it gave them a great chance to test a massive variation of skills.

A big thank you to Ingeborg for inviting our grads along & to make up for ever for sponsoring the show!

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