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AOFM Graduates @ WoodWood London Fashion Week Men’s

Backstage once again with Scandinavian brand WoodWood, our graduates were on hand to create the dewy look showcased during the show at The Adelphi in Central London.

This collection celebrates the great outdoors. The contemporary streetwear of Wood Wood is infused with elements from outdoor life in both prints, styling and details.

To bring this to life within in the makeup we created a fresh, looking skin to focus on a celebration of one that ventures into the wilderness.
Dermalogica cleansing oil was used to get the boys clean shaven.
A clear sheen was applied on the girl’s eyelids, on the cheekbones and down the nose to give that fresh, outdoorsy feel almost like the skin had sucked up the dew from a forest, keeping it in tune with the minimalistic, Scandinavian light and functional sporty feel the brand portrays.

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