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Deepa is an AOFM graduate of batch 2020 in Dubai. One of her first assisting jobs after graduating was with Emily Clayton, a freelance makeup artist, teacher at AOFM and an international creative makeup artist. She’s done many commercial campaigns and has plenty of freelance experience both in Dubai and UK. They did a shoot at the Jetex VIP Terminal in Dubai, a private jet company. Emily pre-coaches students in her classes to apprehend details at a fast pace and maintain composure. This was a long shoot, it started at 3:30am and eventually ended at 7:00pm. The job was to transform young models into an old age couple in their 60’s using only makeup. It took a lot of patience as they worn the makeup on for more than 6 hours and had to find different ways to keep the latex on. There was a lot of detailing involved for authenticity and mistakes are irreversible, this could be a lot of pressure involved however with the help of our teachers students are trained to manage time and tasks. She would learn new techniques and new understanding of the reality of being a freelance makeup artist.

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