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Nolcha (Various Designers)

Our AOFM grad team created many beautiful makeup looks for this huge, multi-brand show. Here we have selected three of boldest looks.


Designer: Yanglu Yanglu

The team created a fresh dewy skin using a super lightweight foundation and pinpoint concealed where necessary. A double drawn-out winged eyeliner was applied with a white pencil in the middle to create contrast. To finish and exaggerate the eye look, a peachy gold shimmer was applied over the lid, and a pretty rose gloss to the lip.


Designer: Elf Sack

This look was all pink, pink, pink!

Skin was beautiful and glowing, with a dewy BB cream applied and blemishes lightly covered. Lots of pink eye shadow was applied to both the lid and lower lashes. This was then blended out onto the cheekbones. Red jewels were applied to the centre of the lower lash with brows left natural. The look was finished with a light pink lip gloss.


Designer: Kavenliu Dimor

The skin was kept very natural and glowing – skincare was key, with lots of Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster applied and any blemishes covered. The team very lightly contoured around the cheekbones and jawline to highlight the models natural features. Brows were brushed up and a nude lipstick applied.

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