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The AOFMPro team were delighted to start their New York Fashion Week with ICY’s multi-brand show held at Spring Studios. ALL MAKEUP BY THE AMAZING AOFMPRO GRAD TEAM!

LEAF XIA: The look for LEAF XIA was super colourful and fun.

The AOFM grads prepped the skin with Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming Cleanser and toner, finishing with Dermalogica’s Soothing Moisturiser, creating the perfect base. A lightweight dewy foundation was applied and pinpoint concealer where needed. The eyes popped with the team applying red fading into orange eye shadow, eyelashes were painted white along with the eyebrows. A pretty peachy, nude tone was used on the lips. To complete the look the cupid’s bow was defined in gold.


HIUMAN: The look for this show was all about the skin and brows.

The team created beautiful, glowing, glacé-like skin using glow drops mixed with a lightweight dewy foundation. The eyebrows were exaggerated with false eyelashes, making them the stand out feature. The look was finished with a wash of nude gloss.


FENGI: Striped back was the mood at FENGI.

Dermalogica skincare was used to create the perfect base needed in this paired back look.
The skin was kept very pale, with foundation and concealer applied where necessary. On the eyes, the team created a white deconstructed look using body paint with white mascara. To finish, lips were painted a pale shade of nude.


All Comes From Nothing: Silver and Sparkle

A super-matt foundation was applied, and concealer to cover any imperfections and under the eye area. Cheekbones were highlighted, and silver glitter was applied under the eyes.
A silver wash was applied over the lips, defined in the centre by a dot of cherry red lipstick.

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