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Graduates @ Xiao Li London AW17/18

It was a mid day call time today for our graduates to get backstage at the official fashion week destination of 180 the strand. Today they got the chance to create the makeup for Chinese designer Xiao Li who is famous for her constructive techniques with wool and architectural pieces made from unconventional materials. A modern and innovative designer that is receiving a lot of attention from the fashion press world wide.

Once the graduates had gotten set up backstage and hey had watched the demo it was time to begin the look, starting with our friends Dermalogica for skin care, a key in creating the radiant skin that the look required. Light colour correction and a bare washed out lip. The graduates only had 12 models on this presentation so they had plenty of time to perfect their work and add finishing touches once the models had been dressed.

Throughout the presentation the models were alternated and re dressed so our grads were on hand for touch ups throughout.

The show was featured on Vogue and throughout the fashion press.

Great job team!

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