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AOFM Graduates @ Zeynep Kartal

Turkish born designer, Zeynep Kartal, was back at London Fashion Week this season and we were so happy to join his again for another season of our grad team working their magic backstage. Kartal is Turkish born and although a lot of his collections see a very modern, western cut, this season he returned to his roots, with the collection being inspired by the Ottoman empire. Luxurious fabrics and architectural cuts, this collection was very special.

Our grads joined their key artist backstage at Goldsmiths Hall, in Covent Garden for their mid afternoon call time, the breif the day was total simplicity, glowy skin, a nude lip and a little liner to give definition to the eye. The grads are old pro’s in the fashion week classic look, so it was with total confidence that they began to work their way through tbe 18 beautiful models with ease.

Working in collaboration with the hair team and dressers, the backstage atmosphere was totally relaxed as we approached the 6:30 show time. Once the show was done, the grads headed back out into the city to grab some dinner and get some rest before tomorrow full day of shows began!

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