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Students Backstage @ ASIA FASHION New York Fashion Week 2023

New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2024 became a stage for cultural celebration and artistic diversity as the Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM) collaborated with ASIA Fashion. This partnership marked a momentous union, unveiling a stunning array of makeup looks that intricately mirrored the diverse cultural tapestry and fashion narratives showcased on the runway.

AOFM, renowned for its excellence in makeup education and a team of skilled artists, embarked on a creative expedition with ASIA Fashion to curate makeup looks that harmonized with the diverse and vibrant collections, reflecting the rich cultural heritage presented during New York Fashion Week AW24.

The collaboration between AOFM and ASIA Fashion celebrated the beauty of diversity. AOFM’s talented makeup artists, known for their versatility and creativity, embraced ASIA Fashion’s multicultural designs, translating them into makeup looks that encapsulated the essence of various cultures while retaining a modern edge.

From bold splashes of color to intricate patterns and symbolic motifs, the makeup looks curated by AOFM artists in collaboration with ASIA Fashion were a celebration of cultural richness and artistic expression. Each look was meticulously crafted to pay homage to the diverse cultural influences, enhancing the fashion presentations with their vibrant allure.


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