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Students @ JAYNE PIERSON London Fashion Week 2023

London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 witnessed a harmonious blend of sophistication and elegance as the Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM) collaborated with the esteemed fashion designer Jayne Pierson. Their partnership illuminated the runways, showcasing exquisite makeup looks that perfectly complemented Pierson’s timeless and refined collections.

AOFM, renowned for its exceptional makeup education and a team of skilled artists, embarked on a collaborative journey with Jayne Pierson to curate distinctive and graceful makeup looks for the designer’s captivating showcases during London Fashion Week SS24.

The collaboration between AOFM and Jayne Pierson encapsulated the essence of refined beauty. AOFM’s talented makeup artists, known for their precision and artistry, embraced Pierson’s elegant designs, translating them into makeup looks that exuded sophistication and timeless allure.

From soft and luminous to understated chic, the makeup looks curated by AOFM artists in collaboration with Jayne Pierson were an embodiment of understated elegance. Each look was meticulously crafted to resonate with the designer’s aesthetic, enhancing the runway presentations and captivating the audience with its refined beauty.


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