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Graduates @ Christopher Raeburn SS17 London Men’s Collections

Back in 2010 Christopher Raeburn burst onto the scene with his first collection, “Digital Rainbow”, and has since been a staple in the LCM calendar. His focus on sustainable clothing paired with a passion for bringing high fashion clothing to the mainstream have made his collections sought after all over the world. This collection is no different.
His SS17 clothing takes inspiration from George Lucas’ film debut, “THX 1138”, in keeping with Raeburn’s love of sustainability he uses a yarn blend comp weave throughout the garments, and repurposed parachute material to create wonderful dresses and skirts. The collection has an obvious nod towards the futuristic, with this season’s mascot, a rocket which makes appearances on sweaters, tops and a leather rocket bag. The scheme of the clothes include solid blocks of colour, with all over tracksuits, skirts and sweaters with sharp flashes of red, grey and black. His continual collaboration with Clarks shoes also reiterate a space age edge, with grey chunky soles and large straps.
The grooming by the AOFM pro team, designed by Michelle Webb, created a beautiful dewy and flawless finish, to pair with the clean lines and the sophistication of the collection. To ensure a fresh and glowy face the team first prepped the skin using Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming Cleaners, followed by a spritz of refreshing Multi- Active Toner, and finished with Dermalogica’s signature moisturisers, either Active Moist or Skin Smoothing cream depending on the model’s skin type. A light covering of tinted moisturiser was applied, some under eye brightening to counter any dark circles, and then some concealing of blemishes if any were present. Powder was only applied if needed to maintain a flawless and dewy complexion.
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