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Bora Aksu – London Fashion Week AW15

A top team of AOFM students went backstage at the Bora Asku show under the bright lights of the British Fashion Council Courtyard. The team arrived at the renowned Fashion Week venue and set up their stations before being briefed by the head make-up artist of this season’s look. 

Bora is known for being happier keeping in the background.  He rarely gives interviews preferring his designs to make the most effective statement.  Over the years Bora has developed a very distinct style, feminine and romantic but always with a darker sophisticated twist. His “demi-couture” designs are both elegant and seductive.  For this season’s show the models skin was prepped using Dermalogica ultra calming cleanser followed by their multi active toner.  The skin is refreshed and left hydrated ready for a rich Dermalogica moisturizer to be applied which gives the skin a smooth surface for a touch up with a Bobbi Brown foundation stick.  Once the skin was prepped the students used a very light Bobbi Brown concealer to cover any blemishes and dark circles around the eyes. The eyebrows were left natural using the Bobbi Brown eyebrow brush to shape any strays. The skin was natural and minimal leaving the focus on a strong lip. The students prepped the models lips with Avene lip cream before using a red Bobbi brown lipstick to finish off the look.  Lipstick, lights and…action.


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