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Charli Cohen London Fashion Week AW15

 The designer wanted something striking and bold across the face and had in mind a contemporary looking black mask. Firstly I used masking tape across the face placed just above the brows to ensure a straight line. I applied black greasepaint from OCC coming down to the bridge of the nose and across the eyelids, this was blended outwards towards the temples.  I then used a black kohl eyeliner smudged under the eye, followed by an OCC blue/black shimmer pigment across the top of the greasepaint mask to set it. I then applied a white eyeliner in the waterline and a silver pigment in the corner of the eye .  I then removed the masking tape, cleaned up the face and cleansed and moisturised carefully around the mask using Dermalogica products.  Some of the models were wearing goggles so we just made their skin flawlessly beautiful using the Bobbi Brown BBU  foundation Palette. The lips were conditioned with paw paw lip balm to give a soft texture, and later in the line up we lightly patted on cover upwith our fingertips to create a nude look. A final powdering was added to the forehead and chin area to prevent any extra shine.

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