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Mark and Estel SS15 New York Fashion Week

AOFM worked our first show today at the Mercedes-Benz tent for New York Fashion Week SS15. The makeup was headed by makeup artist Yin Lee for AOFM Pro using our amazing AOFM graduates. The makeup look for the Mark & Estel SS15 collection was inspired by all American rocker chicks. So it was edgy but remaining fresh and clean. The focus of the look was a brown smoulder eye and a popping coral lip. The skin was keep clean, fresh and perfected! Thanks to Alcone for supplying the team with all of these amazing products we used to create this look. AOFM killed it backstage for the Mark and Estel SS15 Show. The first of many more to come this week!!

For the makeup we used Dermalogica to cleanse, tone, and moisturise the skin. Giving us a fresh base to work with for the makeup. This is an important step that should never be skipped. The lips were conditioned to give them a soft and subtle texture. Curling the eyelashes was our next step. This will always open and brighten the eyes making them appear much more open and awake. Shu Uemura is our favourite curler! For the foundation we used the Creamblend Sticks from Alcone which gave us just the perfect amount of coverage but with a natural and dewy finish. The skin was flawless! The eyebrows were brushed up using a eyebrow gel from Alcone and were filled in lightly only if needed. The focus of the look was in the eyes. To create this smouldered brow eye required a few steps. First we applied the warm brow eye base to the entire lid and under the eye on the bottom lash line. This allows us the ability to blend our shadows without creasy and it intensifies the eyeshadows making them look more dense. Using the Alcone at Home Eyeshadows we blended a soft warm brown on the lid and blended it out into the crease and under the bottom lash line. A darker shade of brown was then used as a blended eyeliner close to the lash line on the top and bottom. A black eyeshadow was then used as the eyeliner on both the top and bottom lash line. To make the eyes pop even more we added a nude eyeliner into the waterline on the bottom las line and intensified the black eyeliner on the top lashes using a black liquid eyeliner. Finishing the eye with black mascara on the top and bottom lashes. The lips were then generously coated in a striking coral lip colour and then patted for a more soft texture. We saved the powdering for the lineup before they hit the runway!

The models looked gorgeous under the runway lights! Thanks to our amazing and talented AOFM graduates!!

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