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SKINGRAFT at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

AOFM Pro team and AOFM graduates headed backstage for the Skingraft show at the Pavilion Lincoln Center for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  Makeup artist, Yin Lee for AOFM Pro, headed the makeup team backstage.  This was a celebrity packed event at this main stage for New York Fashion Week!

To start off the look Yin Lee cleansed, toned and moisturised the skin using Dermalogica Skincare.  The focus of the look was the skin in it natural state.  So skincare was a very important step in this look.  Giving the models a quick face massage to get the circulation and blood flow moving.  The lips were also conditioned using a lip balm.  A light beautiful foundation was then buffed into the skin to even out any discolouration.  Under the eyes were conceal and any imperfections if necessary.   In the water line we used a beige pencil to make the eye appear brighter and bigger.  On the eyelids we blended a paint pot on the entire lid in a shade that match their natural skin tone.  The eyebrow were purposely brushed straight up using a clear eyebrow gel.  For this look we did not curl the eyelashes or use mascara.  On the entire eyelid all the way up the eyebrow we dabbed on MAC Lipglass, which has a very high shine to it.  This really illuminated the eye area.  It was meant to be a very raw and edgy look.  The cheekbones were contoured using a shade a few shades deeper than their natural colour and highlighted to reflect the light and give the face a stronger shape.   On the lips we used a light foundation to blot out the lips so they appeared nude.  In the line up we touched them up with a lip balm to add a little shine.

Congratulation to all of our AOFM New York graduates who assisted in making this New York Fashion one of our most memorable!!

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