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Graduates @ MIORAN Milan Fashion Week SS17


MIAORAN | SS17 | Key Artist Michelle Webb

Miaoran is a creative mind with fearless ideas and razor-precise cuts.

Known for gender-blending items with oversized proportions, chunky and dry fabrics VS soft and padded that work both on male and female sensitivity.

A dual approach on clothing: dark and light, geometric shapes and fitted body conscious lines, soft and dense wool or shining brocade. An artsy and offbeat attitude towards personal style and creativity, Miaoran is on the edge between two worlds: his Oriental roots and purely Italian tailoring. Handmade-like cuts for functional aesthetic clothing.

The SS17 collection is a vision of colourful creatures in the deep, swimming on a white canvas, printed or embroidered, weaved in macramé patterns. Decoration as therapy. A design in bold volumes that expresses Miaoran personal point of view on the clothes and on the human body.

The endless research on materials evolves through the seasons, giving the collection a new awareness. Textures play a primary role flirting with volumes. Rough denim, featherlight linen, white poplin, pure sandwashed silk , cotton mixed with a metallic thread to keep the creases, weaved raffia. Long coats in thick canvas make a statement and define the silhouette. Bomber jackets have a loose fit and crisp white shirts long well below the waist create layers. Pants go from classic cropped to hold volumes creating a contemporary male wardrobe hinting at sportswear. Body tops in patchwork black combining mat and delavé materials have colourful embroideries swimming around. An original macramé fabric looks like a net of scary fish.

Colour palette:

Deep denim, azure, foamy blue, slate grey, seaweed green, pale coral, Ivory, off white, and black in different textures.

Today’s makeup look encapsulates the fresh, clean & glowing complexion of summer. The care and attention given to the skin is the keystone on which this look is based and there’s absolutely nowhere to hide with this deceptively minimal makeup. Clean shaven for the men then the skin thoroughly cleaned with the most appropriate Dermalogica cleanser followed by a spritz of Multi Active Toner to refresh & hydrate. Skin Smoothing cream keeping freshness was allowed to sink in for a few minutes before a very light sweep of a stick foundation to even overall tone, followed by a tinted moisturiser over.

The main fresh, clean theme remains – so a light as a whisper coverage needing a clever invisible base – just leaving the skin clean and fresh. A drier concealer for blemishes, not forgetting neck & ears and a more fluid liquid concealer for the under eye. A quick lash curlfor the girls but no mascara for any of the models.

To create that youthful flush a cream peachy/pink blush on the apples for cheeks coupled with a warm toned liquid highlighter popped to tops of cheeks and a little in forehead with a slightly cooler toned cream highlighter for around the face to lighten and almost “halo” the face. Eyebrows filled and slightly darkened – with pencil no brow powder for a subtle finish then brushed up and clear mascara to hold.

Nails were clean & natural with no polish.


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