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Graduates @ VIVETTA Milan Fashion Week SS17

VIVETTA is an Italian contemporary brand established in 2009 by fashion designer Vivetta Ponti, having learnt her trade from Roberto Cavalli. Its clothing exudes light-hearted frivolity, while also embodying an air of assertive femininity. The brand finds inspiration in many sources: poetry, dolls, antiques, fifties furniture, and sixties and seventies tapestries, to name but a few.

The SS17 remains true to the brands love of nostalgic elements are fused with hyper contemporary silhouettes and bon-ton patterns. SS17 saw an all female collectin at Men’s Collection. Clean lines contrast with unexpected details; surreal corporeal presences that add a splash of Vivetta’s characteristic flair to each design. Hand and face detailing are embroidered throughout, forming an integral part of each collection. The “”Daydream” collection comes together, forming an elegant and wistful, playful feeling that melds romanticism with irony, surrealism with fashion.

GET THE LOOK – Graphic Glitter Eye

Clean skin thoroughly using the appropriate Dermalogica cleanser followed by a spritz of the multi active toner to help the Skin Smoothing moisturiser absorb properly. Let the skin soak everything up and apply a rich lip balm.
For this show the base is a bit heavier and fairly matt as Vivetta were looking to create a slightly older appearance on young models, so a flatter rather than a dewy one base will help a little bit. Once applied let the skin be for a few minutes – you really want to check the foundation match after these few moments to see if it oxidises any – this is especially critical step on the paler models.

A HD concealer right up to the lower lash line which also is used as a highlighter down nose tops of cheeks to freshen the whole area. (If a very pale model a little concealer in eyelid helps balance out any bluey/pink discolouration there also).
Checking which model gets which glitter colour as they have been assigned green, gold or silver. A pencil eyeliner is used to get shape in matching colour as the glitter, shaped into a “inverted v shape” which fades out from the edge towards middle of the eyelid using the liquid glitter gel . Make sure it dries before model opens eye, use q-tip to clean up the shape & a light surgical tape to clean away any fall-out.
Cheekbones buffed with a subtle peach highlighter power used as a “blush”. Eyebrows strengthen and defined. An additional golden highlighter in the facial high points was very lightly sweeped over and the look completed with an application of black mascara.

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