Do I get a qualification at the end of the course?

This is probably the question we are asked most often. The answer is yes. You gain this is in the form of an AOFM Certificate of Achievement. We would like to inform you no other qualification is necessary in this sector of make-up because if you choose to work in high fashion / photographic / catwalk / bridal / music / magazine / editorial / general fashion / media make-up you will not be asked to supply one.

You must understand this is a career built on skill and when applying for work you will be asked to show proof of your skills in the form of a portfolio only.

Your portfolio shows your style and creative flair in picture form. The Academy includes a professional photo shoot with photographer and clothes stylist so that you have prints to start your portfolio. Be aware of training institutes telling you they have national or international association certificates or beauty awarding bodies behind them to help or ensure you get jobs – this is misleading as this alone with not get you work.