How do I know where to get the best training?

When looking for a makeup school there are several important points to consider. There are many schools out there claiming to promise you the world, however it is up to you to create a successful career for yourself as a working makeup artist. No school will be able to promise their students success.

Many academies claim to offer working makeup artists as their tutors. When you are doing your research always ask to see the current portfolios of the tutors that will be teaching your course. If they cannot provide one then it is doubtful they are currently working as a makeup artist in the industry. Always ask who will be teaching you and then do your own research on the tutor on the Internet.

Be wary of schools claiming to offer international certificates that will ensure you will get work abroad afterward. There is no such thing as a fully qualified makeup artist, whether this is on a national or international basis. There is no recognized international makeup association or qualification.

A certificate alone will not guarantee work. There are a number of top makeup artists in the industry who have had no previous training. They are working on magazines like Vogue, television productions and feature films and have become very successful without a makeup certificate. Schools are set up to act as a means of access to fast-track knowledge and an understanding of the industry – they do not qualify you to work.

Find out what cosmetic brands and products the school offers you to work with during your training. As a makeup artist you will never just use one makeup brand. Your training should give you an understanding from a wide range of professional products used in the industry. Be cautious of schools that offer makeup kits, as in many cases they are not professional products and you may end up with products you will never use. Once you complete your training you should have a good understanding of all the beauty products available in the industry.

Investigate what the school will offer you once you have completed the course. Ask to see images of their graduate’s work, and work opportunities they have been involved in. Most schools will claim they offer endless aftercare but you need to see it in order to believe it. This can be done through social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Many students assume that a career within the makeup industry will come right away. This is not the case, it may take many years to build up your practical experience, build a portfolio, and gain contacts with the industry. But as a student you will be paying a lot of money for your training and investing in your future career. You deserve the best products, the most knowledgeable teachers, and the most extensive aftercare that will kick start you into the industry.