What makes AOFM so special?

AOFM is a revolution in training.  Since we launched our unique style of training, there have been so many imitators!  No makeup school has been able to offer the level of tutors, the amount of product range, aftercare or assisting opportunities we offer to our students and graduates.

First thing to understand is that a school can never, ever give you instant success (not even us), although many will promise this. It takes time, effort and endless networking.  A makeup artist has to shoot as many images as possible for their portfolios, and work on the widest possible range of events and shows. This can take a few years.

Many schools claim to offer working artists. Don’t take their word for it. Google all their teachers and see for yourself what they are doing in the industry. Check their client list. Are they with agencies? You may be very surprised at who is current and who is not.