Now that I have trained, how do I become a successful makeup artist?

Training, assisting, testing and practising are all key to becoming a successful makeup artist. However, commitment and dedication, networking and building contacts in the industry are also essential elements to ensure you have a good chance of doing well. Nobody should say the industry is easy – you really need to give it the extra effort, drive and passion.

Start building your makeup kit to a professional level. Think of it as a gradual investment that you can work on building up slowly. When starting out it important not to buy the most expensive materials until you really need them. Spend your money on the products that truly require quality – like skincare, foundations, concealers, and eyeshadows. As for lipsticks, lip glosses, eye pencils, and lip pencils it is better to go for a cheaper version to start with. Most cosmetic brands in the industry will offer working makeup artist a professional discount on their products. You will need to investigate what is available for you and the requirements you need in order to apply for the discount.

Start making connections with photographers, stylist and hairstylist who are also starting out in the industry. Build a team that you can test with regularly to help build your portfolio.

Assisting is a brilliant way to kick start your career. You will be able to work alongside an artist who is already successful and works regularly in the industry. This will give you the experience and knowledge about how to be professional on set. You will also be able to pick up any tips and techniques from the makeup artist you are assisting. It is important to understand that most assisting positions are unpaid. But it is important for you to learn and develop new skills, build up your speed and confidence. Consider it free training!